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Mccallum Chiropractic Patient Testimonials

# 1 Corrine: fibromyalgia and allergies

car accident when she was 15 years of age. After the accident she felt numbness in her hands, along with other symptoms which included severe menstrual cramps, mild depression and sinus problems for about 4 years or more. She also would get an upset stomach from eating eggs, was allergic to cats and had poor circulation in her legs and feet. In September 2002 she was told that she had arthritis and Fibromyalgia. She had to miss work because of the pain and stiffness. Corinne could feel the difference just after her 1st adjustment. She was able to stand without pain, sinuses began to drain, she felt happier and not so depressed. Her overall health has improved greatly. She has less pain, less menstrual cramping and her allergies have disappeared. Thanks to Chiropractic and Dr. Bill my life has been changed to a much happier and healthier lifestyle.

# 2 Keith: chronic sinus pain, stomach aches and poor coordination

Keith first came to the clinic because of numerous sinus headaches, frequent tummy-aches, poor coordination, lack of stamina also he had arm, leg and knee pain. His teacher told Keith's parents that he was behind in gym class that he could not keep up with his classmates. . He was referred to George Jeffery's so they could work on strengthening his legs and arms, his parent's started questioning why were they weak in the first place. His mom was so upset, she knew that Ketih was a very active child not lazy by no means. Keith started to see Dr. Bill and within one month Keith showed great improvement. He was a much happier child. He had no more headaches, no more pain in his arms and legs. He loved riding his bike, keeping up with other children his age. The greatest thing for the Laughton family is they can now do more things as a famly because Keith is stronger and headache free. At the end of the school year Keith's report card had improved and the teacher commended on how his personality had changed. Thanks to Dr Bill and chiropractic.

#3 Steven: allergies, bladder weakness and sense of smell

Steven was referred to the clinic by his mother late spring of 2005. As a young boy Steven always had serious problems with allergies such as dust, trees, pollen, cats, dogs, and perfumes. The allergies always made him feel tired, he was unable to go outside at times and he could not have his bedroom window open. For the allergies he took a pill everyday and 2 puffs of nasal spray 2 xs per day and his puffer when ever he needed it. Steven also suffered with urination difficulties. He had to make many trips to the bathroom during the day and if he was staying over night someplace he had to make sure that he brought disposables with him. Steven has seen an urologist, but he was unable to tell him what his problems were coming from. He felt that his immune system was greatly challenged by having to fight the allergies all the time, and he occasionally had to miss work. He felt his conditions started to improve after 2 to 3 months of care. His sense of smell started to return, he is so excited that he is able to smell things that he was unable to smell, such as candles, egg salad, forest fires and fragrances from someone sitting on the bus in front of him. It's amazing and extremely exciting; people look at him strange when he says that he can now smell things again. Now when he goes somewhere he does not have to worry about using the disposables and disposing of them. Steven feels more energetic and something that he hasn't felt in along time HEALTHY!! Thanks to chiropractic and Dr. Bill

#4 Sylvia: sciatica

When I was about 30 years old my husband bought and moved our family to a farm. I was expected to work along with him whenever I was able to. My life was very busy with 7 children from newborn to eleven years who needed to be cared for. During one summer I fell off a load of hay as I was packing it on the moving wagon. I hurt my back but didn't get any medical help they told me that I had a compression fracture in my lower back. For 6 years I was in pain. I saw a doctor and he told me I had sciatica and "I had to learn to live with it!" Many times I wanted to go to a chiropractor but was afraid from all the horror stories I had been told about them. When my pain became so bad, that my children had to help stand that's when I made the decision to go and see a chiropractor. Dr. Bill gave me a complete examination with x-rays and put me on a schedule of care. Within three weeks my sciatica was gone. What a relief!! I've had other health issues through the years but staying on a maintenance schedule has kept me relatively pain free and standing upright. I am in my 70's now and still being maintained on a regular basis, and still upright and walking thanks to my chiropractor Dr. Bill.

#5 Rita: Rheumatoid Arthritis

Five years ago I was stricken with a lot of pain and stiffness, more in one my one shoulder. I went to my family doctor and she told me that I had Rheumatoid Arthritis. She prescribed medication for a month, and said to come back in one month. I was not any better after the month passed. My doctor wanted me to renew my prescription along with a 6 week exercise program. I decided against the drugs but took the exercise program to help with my stiffness. I noticed a little improvement with the exercise but I decided to see Dr. Bill for more help. I noticed a difference after the first adjustment. I've been under care for the past few years and I have no more pain and I feel great.

#6 Susan: Loss of strength in her lower arms (mostly the right)

Susan works at a credit union as a deposit service representative and she is continually on her feet and dealing with cash at the counter. On Monday May 17, 1999 she started to notice pain and loss of strength in her lower arms. The right seemed to a little worse. Dr. McCallum examined Susan and after going over the findings he put her on a schedule of care. She was amazed because just 1 hour after the first adjustment in her neck area the pain disappeared and her strength returned into the arms. She continues coming as a patient on a maintenance basis so she can continue with her type of work and to remain pain free.

#7 Elizabeth (Betty): Motor Vehicle Accident

Betty was referred to the office after she was in a car accident on June 4, 2007. She had acute pain in her chest (rib area), bump on her head which she felt caused the pain in her neck while moving, her right shoulder was bruised and painful along with low back pain. Betty found it hard to lay down on her right side and she found walking and standing to long hurt. Other symptoms were inner tension, irritability, loss of balance, fatigue and indigestion. Dr. McCallum examined Betty and starting adjusting her 3x per week. She has seen Dr. McCallum for 1 ½ months and has noticed that the pain has lessened and she has more flexibility. Her indigestion is much better. Her overall condition has improved thanks to chiropractic and Dr. Bill.

#8 Jessie: Severe low back pain and rheumatoid arthritis

Jessie was referred to the clinic by her daughter-in-law March 31/00. Jessie had rheumatoid arthritis and suffered with an episode of severe low back pain for two weeks before she decided to come to the clinic. She could not get up and down from a chair without help and could not stand without aid of her crutches. Her physician put Jessie on painkillers to help relieve the pain. The results were nil. After about 4 weeks of adjusting she no longer needed her crutches or cane and she was able to do her own housework. Jessie has a better outlook on life since she started seeing Dr. McCalllum. She no longer has pain in her low back and she definitely has more energy.

#9 George: Neck pain and Dizziness

George is a retired male and had been feeling ill for years. George had visited our display at the Intercity Mall, when he mentioned that he had restricted neck movement with pain on the right side. When he woke up in the morning he would feel dizzy until he become more active. He also had low back pain and heartburn. He was on many different types of medication (Rynacrom, axid, Isoberide, Dinitrate, Novocemetidine are a few ) These medications did not help with any of his complaints. Within the first two weeks of being adjusted by Dr. McCallum he started feeling more relaxed and energetic. He feels that he is continually improving. His headaches are diminishing and the dizziness along with the heartburn are gone. The exciting feeling for George is that he's no longer on any type of medication, and overall he feels that his life will remain healthy thanks to chiropractic care.

# 10 Brady: Asthma

asthma medication was no longer required. Brady has continued his care through the years. He know plays AA Hockey, and soccer. Since starting chiropractic care his dad also noticed his hockey stance as well as his cross over in skating were much better, both forward and backwards. Brady feels much more confident and loves the way he feels after his chiropractic adjustments. Thanks to Dr. Bill.

# 11 Mary: back pain and dizziness

she no longer feels the pain, and the dizziness is gone. Mary says she feels a great improvement from the day she walked into the clinic. Thank you Dr. McCallum.

# 12 Darragh: Fibromyalgia

She feels about 75 percent of her pain has been relieved thanks to chiropractic. Thank's Dr. Bill.

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