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Insight Subluxation Station

The Insight Subluxation Station,

insight pic closeup_1.bmp"lets us listen to your nervous system" just like your physician might take a blood pressure or listen to your heart. Our state-of-the-art technology will objectively help us detect areas of nerve disturbance, document and monitor your results and deliver the appropriate chiropractic care. Subluxation:A problem in the spine where abnormal position of the vertebrae disturbs communication of the Nervous system causing a disturbance in the body. Important facts to consider about the tests. The test do not hurt, they do not utilize any needles, electrical shock or heat. They are receiving important information from your Central Nervous System. Our purpose in administering these tests is to detect and pinpoint abnormal function in the spine which cannot be seen on X-ray. Abnormal spinal function causes abnormal Nervous System disturbance. The three standard tests will measure: 1)SEMG - the amount of electrical current in the muscles, 2) Thermography - skin temperature along the spine and 3) Inclinometry - range of movement of the spine. It is important to monitor results through periodic progress exams so that we can get the best results for our patients. It had been proven that a very slight amount of pressure ( 45 mm of pressure or the weight of a dime!) can disturb the communication of the nervous system whether or not symptoms are present. How can the chiropractor measure the results after removing the pressure? The Advanced technology of the subluxation station. This is vitally necessary to monitor how the spine is working. It is the key to improving your health and well-being. How do the tests benefit the patient? For years a major concern of the public has been, "Why do I have to keep coming back when I'm pain-free?" or " How do I know if I'm getting the proper amount of adjustments?" Now you are actually able to see the changes and it will be easier to understand the amount and type of care you are receiving. Because of this technology we can provide a tailor-made program to meet your specific health needs. Your body may be malfuntioning for months or even years, before you experience any symptoms. Since symptoms are always the last thing to show up and the first to go, it is important to monitor the function of your Nervous System, which is shy we utilize the Insight Subluxation Station. This technology provides vital information to us. We are the only health care specialists trained and licensed in the detection and correction of subluxations. As a result of this expertise, the highest level of health possible may be within your reach!

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